RK10314-8 FF H1 Power Supply and Conditioner Registration Kit

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FCG TT30831 (FF-831) Power Supply Test Specification

Power Supply Compliance Report

Doc ID# FF-832

The compliance report (FF-832) must include customer data sheets that can be used to cross-reference the results found in the compliance report. The data sheet(s) should clearly describe the characteristics and features of the power supply in FF-832 that were tested, and all associated options or components of the product offering.

Complex Implementations of a power supply may be considered as part of a single submission and can be described in a single test report so long as they meet the description and requirements set forth in section 9 of FF-532 Power Supply Registration Process. Manufacturers should contact FieldComm Group technical staff to verify test strategy prior to completing their test reports for complex implementations. Multiple power supply modules in a complex implementation will each require their own registration fee.

A manufacturer can choose to register a power supply family as defined in section 10 of FF-532 Power Supply Registration Process. Every member of the power supply family that is to be considered for registration must be described in one or more provided customer data sheets, and any unusual differences between family members must be included as notes in the compliance report.

Test Report Audit & Registration Request

Doc ID# FR10141


Product Website Marketing Information

Doc ID# FR10041

Product information for publication on FieldComm Group’s website.

Power Supply Registration Process

Doc ID# PD30532

Policy and procedure for testing and registration.

In addition to the forms from this kit, the following items are required for submission:

  1. Customer Data Sheets(s) for the product(s) described in the Compliance Report.
  2. JPEG image no larger than 200x200 pixels with a white background to be used on the catalog page for the registered coupler.

NOTE: A considerable number of screen captures from an oscilloscope will be necessary throughout the execution of the test. During the creation of the compliance report, those scope captures MUST be inserted into the document or attached to that page of the report where applicable.