RK10314-2 FDI Device Package Registration Kit

Download 2016.1

FDI Device Package Registration Policy

Doc ID# FCG PD10028
This document describes the process and procedures a manufacturer must complete to advertise an FDI Device Package as registered.

FDI Device Package Registration Request Form

Doc ID# FCG FR10044
This form is required to open a test campaign and identifies the FDI Device Package to be evaluated.

Device Shipping Information

Doc ID# FCG FR10045
Testing will not begin unless this document has been provided to FieldComm Group and it has been approved by the test administrator. You will be notified if there are problems with the document that need to be corrected. You do not need to mail this document to FieldComm Group.

Product Website Marketing Information

Doc ID# FR10041
Product information for publication on FieldComm Group’s website.

FDI Usability Style Guide

Doc ID# FCG AG12080
Reference for FDI Style Guide implementation and testing.

FDI Usability Style Guide Assessment Results Form

Doc ID# FCG FR10087
FDI Usability Style Guide test objectives collated into a simple fillable form. Developers should complete this set of test objectives as described in the referenced sections of the FDI Usability Style Guide.